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Chase Short Sale Outreach is the REAL DEAL!

We recently closed another Chase Short Sale Outreach program and can say for sure that this is the best program out there.

The listing agent thought it was a scam or some sort of joke and almost didn’t send the letter the seller got in the mail to us.  This particular seller was given $10,000.00 and a waiver of deficiency.

Why The Big Payoff?


It is unclear as to why they are offering an incentive that goes so far and above other short sale programs. So far Chase has offered anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 as an incentive for sellers to do a short sale.  Much higher than [Read more…]

Bank of America’s Co-op Short Sale, Facts and Findings

We had the pleasure of closing another Bank of America Co-op Short Sale this week.  We previously wrote about this program and had high hopes that it would deliver as advertised. However, we soon became a little suspicious of this program when we found out that BofA wanted to move the seller straight into a Deed in Lieu if the property didn’t sell in 120 days.

Turns out BofA is doing that with their HAFA short sales as well.  You can read about that HERE.


“Pre-Approved Short Sales”

Because of the Approved Marketing Plan that goes along with this program, the listing agent was able [Read more…]

Do Your Short Sale Approvals Say The ‘Magic Words’?

My greatest duty as a Short Sale Negotiator is to be an Advocate for the seller.

The sellers that I deal with have often been run through the ringer by life in general, and their lender. They are often left without the strength to defend themselves against things they don’t understand.

“Deficiency Judgement? Forgivness of debt is taxable?”

Many of them have a hard time understanding the process, much less the consequences of a short sale if not done properly.  They have the misconception that selling their home on a short sale will be the last time they will have to deal with this situation.

I have a tremendous passion for defending those who can’t defend themselves.  This is why I push for HAFA, BofA’s Co-op, or the Chase Short Sale Outreach Program whenever possible.

All of these programs have a… [Read more…]