About Us

Who Are We?

Northwest Debt Management is the Premier Short Sale Negotiating Company in Oregon. We have experience in negotiating several hundred short sales for various real estate companies, investors and sellers. We are one of the first companies in Oregon to be licensed and bonded under the Debt Management licensing laws, and the very first to be owned and operated by a licensed real estate agent.  Our debt management license number is DM-80083

From The Top Down

The Owner, Dave McGuire, is a licensed real estate broker with The Broker Network and began negotiating short pay-offs as a mortgage broker back in 2006. He has seen and done just about everything when it comes to short sales, foreclosures and the special circumstances that are often involved with them.

We have accumulated a massive database of lenders, servicers, attorneys, and trustees.  It’s not often we come across a lender that we haven’t worked with before.  Each team member has access to this knowledge and will use it to provide superior service all parties involved in each short sale.