We Do The Work, You Keep Your Money

  • No more collecting financial information
  • No more waiting on hold with the bank
  • No more dealing with lost information

Northwest Debt Management was founded with the purpose of assisting Real Estate Agents in the short sale process. We work to protect the commissions you have earned and instead get paid by the seller, buyer or bank for the services we provide.  Our fees are regulated by the State of Oregon and get listed on the HUD-1.  You Keep Your Money, We Deal With The Bank.

You Are Always In The Loop

Communication is always the key to any successful relationship.  At Northwest Debt Management, you will receive weekly updates on the progress we have made on your transaction.  And that’s not all.  You will have exclusive access to the notes and conversation log through our shared doc system. You will be able to see each milestone that has been completed and so will your client.

Our Experience And Expertise Matters

We have specialized skills in dealing with the various lending institutions that will save you time, save you frustration and even save your deal.  We will meet with your seller, coordinate their financial information and submit everything to the various lien holders.  Northwest Debt Management is owned by a licensed Real Estate Broker.  We know Real Estate, we know Short Sales.  We are licensed and bonded in the State of Oregon under HB 2191.

Ready to stop wasting your time? Call 503-902-5012 or fill out the form below to be contact by one of our negotiators. Remember in most cases you will keep your FULL commission and we do all the work with the lenders.  Hassle Free.