How Much is YOUR Time Worth?

I am constantly reminded of how much time can be saved when you have experience. Charting a course into unknown territory can be a HUGE time killer. My recent endeavor with U.S.Bank was no exception.

To Each His Own

After 8 transfers, 8 new phone numbers, 6 different representatives I was finally able to confirm that U.S. Bank marches to their own tune when it comes to HAFA short sales.  Unlike Wells Fargo or Bank of America, they actually want the homeowner to go through an entire loan modification process before they can opt-in to a HAFA short sale. [Read more…]

Chase Short Sale Outreach – Lessons Learned

I recently closed the first Chase Short Sale Outreach listing that was referred to us and I wanted to share some of the details as to how the transaction went.  For more about this program read here.

 Truly An Outreach

As best as I can tell, this is strictly an outreach program being rolled out in phases across the country.  By “Outreach”, I mean that Chase reaches out to homeowners apparently at random.  The listing we just closed was NOT in default.  I will of course make an attempt to have my next Chase file included in this program, but so far it sounds like a one way street.

 Much Easier Than Most

The Documentation required to get this short sale approved was very minimal.  [Read more…]

Bank of America Strikes Back


The Galactic Empire known as Bank of America has recently added strict language to their short sales that are an attempt to stop investors from purchasing short sales and then selling them to a predetermined buyer. I recently received both a Short Sale Contract Addendum and an Agent Certification Disclosure that specifically aim to stop this process.

What is Flopping?

Most people are familiar with the term “flipping” a property, where an investor would purchase the property at a discount and then try to quickly sell the property at a profit. (with or without making any improvements.) The recent increase in short sales has has produced an evolution in flipping where investors identify an end buyer even before they have purchased the property through a short sale. A process called “flopping”.

How Does it Work?

find out here…