Where Short Sales Happen

Simply put, Northwest Debt Management is licensed and bonded in the State of Oregon to negotiate short sales on behalf of sellers.  The decline in property values has created a situation where homeowners owe more on their home than what they owe the bank.  Many sellers or real estate professionals are not prepared or trained to handle this predicament.  We are.

Our fiduciary responsibility is to the homeowner.  That’s who we work for and on behalf of. You.

This Aint No Hobby

We have specialized skills when it comes to short sale transactions.  Skills that have taken years to develop.  We have negotiators on staff that have processed hundreds of short sale transactions, attended special training classes and keep current on the ever changing short sale process by doing it every day.

Because we work for the seller, we make sure that you understand the terms of the short sale agreement with your lenders. We want you to understand what happens after the short sale and fight to make sure its a win/win for everyone involved.  This is a benefit to you that most real estate agents aren’t trained to provide.

Knowledge Is Power

While we can educate you on the short sale process we recommend you get legal advice from and attorney and tax advice from a CPA.

View the short sale laws in your state for more information.

If you are in need of assistance in dealing with your lender for a short sale please contact us.  Often times we are compensated by the buyer of your home so there is no cost to you.  Even if your home is currently listed, we can provide assistance to your agent without cutting into their commission. Fill the form out below to be contacted for a no cost, no obligation consultation.

Click Here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding short sales.