Short Sale CASE STUDY: 011

They Didn’t Like My Form…

I totally screwed this one up and wasted a week of time.  Remember I mentioned in the beginning how things worked and how important it was to have everything perfect?

Yeah, well I need to listen to my own advice.

I was so focused on searching for a name affidavit form that I forgot that they specifically asked for it to reference the judgement case number that they had on file. Remember this from CASE STUDY: 009?

In the event, the debt is not the mortgagor’s please provide a notarized common name affidavit referencing our title instrument/book numbers

They asked for it, but I didn’t provide it.

I have now created a 2nd affidavit that I hope will meet their guidelines.  It has been forwarded to the seller (who has been GREAT by the way) for him to have it signed in front of a notary.

I am actually quite embarrassed by this.  I guess in my rush to complete that overdue task I missed a very simple set of instructions and now we all have to work a little harder to push this file through.  I won’t get hung up on the fact that the lender should be providing me with this form if they know what it needs to say and are requiring it to move the file forward.

I won’t, I won’t, I WON’T!

For now, the new form has been sent to the seller and I will upload it as soon as I have it back. There is a task waiting in equator that is due in 4 days.  I think we can make that.

Stay tuned…



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