Short Sale Podcast: 003 – Paperwork

In Episode 3 we focus on the tedious task of paperwork. Visit the forms page for a breakdown of the common items needed in order to submit a short sale for approval.

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Short Sale Podcast: 002 – Hardships

In Episode 2 of the Short Sale Podcast we talk about Hardships and how they are integral  to the short sale process. You will learn the common hardships that allow for short sales to get approved as well as what will not get approved.  Visit this site for samples on how to write an effective hardship letter.

Short Sale Podcast: 001 – Top Question

In this inaugural episode, Dave McGuire of Northwest Debt Management discusses the #1 question he gets asked and the question that should be getting asked but isn’t.

Big Changes Coming to HAFA

It was announced on March 9, 2012 that the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA) program was extended until the end of 2013.  Along with this extension come several huge changes that will benefit homeowners and allow for more participation in this program.


  • Occupancy Guidelines Waived
  • $3000 to seller even if tenant occupied
  • Up to $8500 to subordinate lien
  • Qualify even if current on payment
  • Credit reported as Paid in Full
Please note that I have not officially verified this information. has not been updated to include this information.  I received this news from Alex Charfen of CDPE.

Let’s elaborate on these changes.

The first 2 changes mean that…

Chase Short Sale Outreach is the REAL DEAL!

We recently closed another Chase Short Sale Outreach program and can say for sure that this is the best program out there.

The listing agent thought it was a scam or some sort of joke and almost didn’t send the letter the seller got in the mail to us.  This particular seller was given $10,000.00 and a waiver of deficiency.

Why The Big Payoff?


It is unclear as to why they are offering an incentive that goes so far and above other short sale programs. So far Chase has offered anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 as an incentive for sellers to do a short sale.  Much higher than [Read more…]