Chase Short Sale Outreach is the REAL DEAL!

We recently closed another Chase Short Sale Outreach program and can say for sure that this is the best program out there.

The listing agent thought it was a scam or some sort of joke and almost didn’t send the letter the seller got in the mail to us.  This particular seller was given $10,000.00 and a waiver of deficiency.

Why The Big Payoff?


It is unclear as to why they are offering an incentive that goes so far and above other short sale programs. So far Chase has offered anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 as an incentive for sellers to do a short sale.  Much higher than the $3000 sellers get for a HAFA short sale.

Couldn’t they offer $5k and still be the best deal in town?

Clearly it is in their best interest to recovery non-performing accounts quickly. If they can encourage a short sale before several more months of payments are missed, then they would be ahead of the game.


Hitting Bingo Without Playing


As we have mentioned before, this program is truly an “Outreach”.  It isn’t something that can be applied for.  There are no forms to fill out. No applications.

In fact the documentation is minimal. Less than most short sales we work on.

It appears that the only way to qualify for the program is to be “chosen” by Chase to participate.

This would be a case of “Heads you WIN” because it is everything they advertise, if you are lucky enough to get it.


If you have experience with this program, feel free to share your thoughts below.

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