Doing Work That Matters

I met with another homeowner this week who had a failed attempt at a loan modification. His home goes to sale at the courthouse in about 90 days.  He’s come to realize that a short sale is a better alternative to a foreclosure but he is frustrated with the process that has brought him to this point.

Navigating Without A Compass

I hear the most amazing stories when helping homeowners with a short sale on their home.

Hours on the phone, lost paper work, rude phone calls.

It’s no wonder why people are so upset with their lender that they are willing to walk away despite the increased damage it will do to their financial future.

In this particular case a real estate agent brought me on board to handle the short sale while he marketed the property for the seller.  The seller had been told that he was getting a modification on both of his loans.  Not true. Turns out his 2nd loan is serviced by a completely different lender.  He would have needed to apply for a loan modification from them as well.

How would he know that?

The Heavy Lifting Upfront

I’ve already begun preparing both lenders for the upcoming short sale despite not having an offer.  Yes, you can do that. I will get all of the sellers financials approved and out of the way and have the property marketed at a price that both lenders have agreed is acceptable.  The listing agent is now able to market the property without the extra burden of dealing with 2 banks and a foreclosure sale date.

Once an offer comes in, I’ll be able to get an approval in less than 30 days.

Northwest Debt Management is changing the way short sales are handled. One thankful Homeowner, one thankful Listing Agent, one thankful Buyer at a time.

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