How Much is YOUR Time Worth?

I am constantly reminded of how much time can be saved when you have experience. Charting a course into unknown territory can be a HUGE time killer. My recent endeavor with U.S.Bank was no exception.

To Each His Own

After 8 transfers, 8 new phone numbers, 6 different representatives I was finally able to confirm that U.S. Bank marches to their own tune when it comes to HAFA short sales.  Unlike Wells Fargo or Bank of America, they actually want the homeowner to go through an entire loan modification process before they can opt-in to a HAFA short sale. The whole adventure took close to 2 hours and led me in almost a complete circle and yet is just one more reason that I say no two short sales are alike.

Time is Money

This means 30-45 days to review the loan-mod, and then another 30-45 days for the short sale review.  I had actually discussed this possibility with the seller in the beginning but I wasn’t able to convince them that time was of the essence.  That delay would cost us the buyer so we had to opt for the traditional short sale.  It will be up to me to ensure that the seller wont be on the hook for the deficiency balance.

How Much is YOUR Time Worth?

Can you put a price on it? What about the frustration that comes with being passed around like butter at a banquet?

“There is nothing that will save your time more, than my experience…”

Lets face it, having the right phone numbers, the right forms, the right contacts, and the knowledge to see events before they happen are all reasons to hire an experienced short sale negotiator.

Have you experienced similar frustration? How do you feel about hiring a specialist?

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